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Here's how it works.


The first step is to reach out!
Lets get started! Reach out via the button below and we can set up a meeting to learn more about you and your project.

2.  Comprehend

Let's get to know each other.
In our discovery meeting we will discuss your goals including audience, launch platform, style, message, and anything else you feel is relevant. In this meeting we will explore how hands-on you wish to be with the project.

3.  Plan

Planning is everything.
We come up with a plan taking into account what we learned in our meeting with you. This plan includes the script, location, actors, rentals, and anything else we need to bring your project to life. Once this plan is approved, we move on to the final step

4.  Create

Lights! Camera! Action!
This is where it all comes together. Cameras, crew, actors, and script all come together to show the world your story. Production and post-production are the culmination of the plan laid out in the previous step. Once this is completed, we have a video to show the world!

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