Case Study

Crossfit Elmira

Crossfit Elmira is more than a gym, it is a community that strives to build you up.

After a year of lock downs and impact of Covid-19 affecting gyms, Crossfit Elmira was looking to encourage fall sign-ups and help their customers realize that you don't go to the gym for others - the only way to succeed is by doing it for you.

Crossfit Elmira's goal for this campaign was to inspire long term, healthy lifestyle changes in the community.

Action Plan

During a discovery meeting with Kirby, Owner of Crossfit Elmira, we discovered that his goal was to encourage others to better who they are as a person and live a more healthy lifestyle.

Our team took this concept and created a memorable campaign tagline:

"I do it for me."

Understanding their current budgets, we worked together to come up with an affordable campaign strategy that would deliver two video advertisement, along with ten images. We ensured that the video and images would have the same style to make the campaign consistent.

Creating a campaign that consisted of videos and images gave us more flexibility within the current budget.

The Results

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